Easy-Off Bam Bleach Power Cleaner 750mL

For 2x cleaning power*, try our Easy Off Bam Bleach Cleaner! Its effective formula removes up to 100% of mould & kills 99.9% of germs+

• Bleach Power Cleaner
• Works on many surfaces
• 2x cleaning power*

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Product description

Easy-Off BAM Bleach Power Cleaner effectively removes everyday stains in seconds.
- For both the bathroom & kitchen across a wide range of surfaces
- A power clean solution with up to 100% mould removal
- Works on surfaces including kitchen sinks, ceramic tiles, bathtubs, wash-basins, toilets & worktops

• 2x cleaning power*
• kills 99.9% of germs+
• Up to 100% mould removal

+ S. enterica, S. aureus, Ps. aeruginosa
*vs regular liquid bleach

How to use

Always test on an inconspicuous area before use particularly on baths, tiles, coloured or painted surfaces, older or damaged enamel to ensure no discolouration or staining.
Not to be used on skin. Hard surface disinfectant only.

1. To operate: hold down safety tab on the top of nozzle. Turn nozzle to 'on' position whilst directing the trigger away from the face.
2. Spray affected areas generously. Leave for 5 minutes to remove 99.9% of germs+.
3. Wipe and rinse thoroughly with water. For metal surfaces (stainless steel & chrome), spray the product onto a sponge then wipe on the surface and rinse.
4. Turn nozzle to 'off' position until safety tab locks in position. Do not squeeze trigger in off position as this may cause product to spit when turned on.

+ S. enterica, S. aureus, Ps. aeruginosa

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