Easy-Off Drain Turbo Gel

Have an emergency blockage? Easy-Off Drain Turbo Gel starts to clear drains in 5 minutes.* Its powerful formula unblocks and unclogs pipes and drains in many different areas of the house.

  • Powers through hair, soap, grease & dirt
  • Eliminates bad smelling odours
  • Ideal for kitchen drains, bathroom showers, baths, basins and more!
  • Antibacterial
  • Works on standing water.

*Best results with fresh product on bathroom drain clogs

**E. coli, S. aureus

women cleaning drain
Easy-Off Drain Turbo Gel


  1. Unblock tough clogs

  2. Removes odour causing bacteria**

  3. 5 minute action*

Product related FAQ

How to use

Do not swallow: Always test on an inconspicuous area before use to ensure compatibility with surface. If there is colour change or any sign of surface change, please do not use this product.

  1. Open bottle carefully without squeezing and slowly pour 500mL down drain. Do not add boiling water or any other product.

  2. Leave for 5 mins, for more extreme clogs (tough kitchen grease) leave 30+ minutes.

  3. Flush carefully with warm water.

  4. Do not wait for the pipes to completely clogged to intervene.