Easy-Off Oven & BBQ Everyday Cleaner 750mL

Easy-Off Bam Oven & BBQ Everyday Cleaner removes up to 100% baked on grease.

• Up to 100% baked-on grease removal
• Non corrosive & suitable for food surfaces
• 5 minute action

Product description

Easy-Off Oven’s effective formula cuts through tough grease, grime and dirt. Simply leave on to act for at least 5 minutes then clean, wipe & rinse for a fresh clean.

It is non corrosive and suitable for use on food surfaces such as oven cooktops, oven racks & trays, grills, range hoods, bbq & oven exterior and bbq.

• Grease, grime & dirt removal
• 5 minutes action
• Non corrosive

How to use

Always test on an inconspicuous area before use to ensure compatibility with surface.

1. To operate: turn Nozzle to ON and spray onto surface
2. Leave to act for at least 5 minutes
3. Clean, wipe & rinse For tough dirt repeat application as necessary.

For direct food contact surfaces, please rinse with water after using the product and wash as usual.

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